Faculty and Staff

Faculty & Staff

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Mrs. Roth, Interim Principal & CAO
Ms. Pfeifer, Administrative Assistant


Teachers and Instructional Assistants

Ms. Balistrere,  Instructional Assistant

Mrs. Collman, Instructional Assistant

Ms. Doty, First Grade Teacher
Mr. Elbert, Resource Teacher

Mrs. Erdman, First Grade Teacher

Mrs. Frampton, Second Grade Teacher

Mr. Friedman, Special Education Teacher

Mrs. Friedman, Third Grade Teacher

Mr. Furry, Fourth Grade Teacher

Mr. Hawkins, Instructional Assistant

Mrs. King, Instructional Assistant

Mrs. Lauver, STEM Coordinator

Miss Long, Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Melhorn, Instructional Assistant

Mrs. Miller, Instructional Assistant

Mrs. Jordan, Instructional Assistant

Mrs. Anderson (McKinney), Instructional Assistant

Mrs. Morris-George, Instrucional Assistant

Mrs. Nordai, Special Education Teacher
Mrs. Overdorf, Music & Gym Teacher

Mr. Overdorf, Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Reynolds, Fourth Grade Teacher

Mrs. Roufos-Abbey, Third Grade Teacher

Ms. Scott, Instructional Assistant
Ms. Witmer, Reading Specialist

Ms. Woodyard, Receptionist







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